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fs_vmu.h File Reference

VMU filesystem driver. More...

#include <sys/cdefs.h>
#include <kos/fs.h>

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Detailed Description

VMU filesystem driver.

The VMU filesystem driver mounts itself on /vmu of the VFS. Each memory card has its own subdirectory off of that directory (i.e, /vmu/a1 for slot 1 of the first controller). VMUs themselves have no subdirectories, so the driver itself is fairly simple.

Files on a VMU must be multiples of 512 bytes in size, and should have a header attached so that they show up in the BIOS menu.

This layer is built off of the vmufs layer, which does all the low-level operations. It is generally easier to work with things at this level though, so that you can use the normal libc file access functions.

Dan Potter
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