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exports.h File Reference

Kernel exported symbols support. More...

#include <sys/cdefs.h>
#include <arch/types.h>
#include <kos/nmmgr.h>

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Data Structures

struct  export_sym
 A single export symbol. More...
struct  symtab_handler
 A symbol table "handler" for nmmgr. More...


typedef struct export_sym export_sym_t
 A single export symbol.
typedef struct symtab_handler symtab_handler_t
 A symbol table "handler" for nmmgr.


int export_init ()
 Setup initial kernel exports.
export_sym_texport_lookup (const char *name)
 Look up a symbol by name.

Detailed Description

Kernel exported symbols support.

This file contains support related to dynamic linking of the kernel of KOS. The kernel (at compile time) produces a list of exported symbols, which can be looked through using the funtionality in this file.

Dan Potter

Typedef Documentation

typedef struct export_sym export_sym_t

A single export symbol.

This structure holds a single symbol that has been exported from the kernel. These will be patched into loaded ELF binaries at load time.

A symbol table "handler" for nmmgr.

Function Documentation

int export_init ( )

Setup initial kernel exports.

Return values:
0On success
-1On error
export_sym_t* export_lookup ( const char *  name)

Look up a symbol by name.

nameThe symbol to look up
The export structure, or NULL on failure