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Socket flags


#define FS_SOCKET_NONBLOCK   0x00000001 /** \brief Non-blocking operations */
#define FS_SOCKET_V6ONLY   0x00000002 /** \brief IPv6 Only */
#define FS_SOCKET_GEN_MAX   0x00008000 /** \brief Maximum generic flag */
#define FS_SOCKET_FAM_MAX   0x00800000 /** \brief Maximum family flag */

Detailed Description

These are the available flags defined for sockets.

Every flag after FS_SOCKET_FAM_MAX is for internal-use only, and should never be passed into any functions.

Macro Definition Documentation

#define FS_SOCKET_FAM_MAX   0x00800000 /** \brief Maximum family flag */
#define FS_SOCKET_GEN_MAX   0x00008000 /** \brief Maximum generic flag */
#define FS_SOCKET_NONBLOCK   0x00000001 /** \brief Non-blocking operations */
#define FS_SOCKET_V6ONLY   0x00000002 /** \brief IPv6 Only */