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Here is a list of all modules:
[detail level 12]
 Log levels for dbglog
 ELF architecture types
 Section header types
 Section header flags
 Special section indeces
 Symbol binding types.
 Symbol types.
 ELF relocation types
 File open modes
 Seek modes
 Socket flags
 Mutex types
 Flags for netif_t
 Name handler types
 Thread flag values
 Thread states
 Threading system modes
 Error values for the h_errno variable
 Errors for the getaddrinfo() function
 Flags for ai_flags in struct addrinfo
 IPv4 protocol level options
 IPv6 protocol level options
 UDP protocol level options
 UDP-Lite protocol level options
 Events for the poll() function
 Socket-level options
 Socket message flags
 C11 Thread function return values
 C11 mutual exclusion lock types
 Potential exit paths from the kernel on
 Available flags for initialization
 Console types
 Region codes
 SH4 exception codes
 MMU address bit definitions
 MMU protection settings
 MMU cacheability settings
 ASIC event codes
 CD-ROM syscall command codes
 CD-ROM command responses
 CD-ROM Command Status responses
 CDDA read modes
 CD-ROM Read Sector Part
 CD-ROM Read Subcode Type
 CD-ROM Read Sector Mode
 CD-ROM status values
 CD-ROM drive disc types
 CD-ROM TOC access macros
 Partitions available in the flashrom
 Logical blocks available in the flashrom
 Language settings possible in the BIOS menu
 Region settings possible in the system
 Connection method types
 Valid field constants for the flashrom_ispcfg_t struct
 Flags for the flashrom_ispcfg_t struct
 ATA device definitions
 Controller button codes
 Controller capability bits.
 Keyboard modifier keys
 Keyboard LEDs
 Keyboard keys
 Keyboard region codes
 Mouse button codes
 Maple Bus register locations
 Values to write to Maple Bus registers
 Maple commands and responses
 Maple device function codes
 States that frames can be in
 Return values from Maple functions
 Modem speed values
 Modem protocol values
 Modes of operation of the Dreamcast modem.
 Modem V.22bis modes
 Modem V.22 modes
 Modem V.32 modes
 Modem V.32 bis modes
 Modem V.8 modes
 RTL8139C Register Definitions
 RTL8139C MII (media independent interface) control bits
 RTL8139C MII (media independent interface) status bits
 RTL8139C Command Bits
 RTL8139C Interrupt Status bits
 RTL8139C transmit status bits
 RTL8139C receive status bits
 Return values from bba_tx().
 PVR primitive list types
 PVR shading modes
 PVR depth comparison modes
 PVR culling modes
 Enable or disable PVR depth writes
 Enable or disable texturing on polygons
 PVR blending modes
 Enable or disable blending
 PVR fog modes
 PVR clipping modes
 Enable or disable color clamping
 Enable or disable offset color
 Enable or disable alpha blending
 Enable or disable texture alpha blending
 Enable or disable U/V flipping on the PVR
 Enable or disable clamping of U/V on the PVR
 PVR texture sampling modes
 PVR mipmap bias modes
 Texture color calculation modes
 Enable or disable PVR mipmap processing
 PVR texture formats
 PVR vertex color formats
 PVR U/V data format control
 Enable or disable modifier effects
 Modifier volume mode parameters
 TA command values
 Constants and bitmasks for handling polygon
 Offsets to registers of the PVR
 Values used to reset parts of the PVR
 Available sizes for primitive bins
 PVR palette formats
 Texture loading constants
 Transfer modes with PVR DMA
 UBC Registers
 Video Cable types
 Video pixel modes
 Flags for the field in vid_mode_t.
 Eyecatch types.
 Mount flags for fs_ext2
 Macros for accessing the format of an image
 Image format types
 Network connection methods
 Network configuration sources
 PPP automaton phases
 PPP link configuration flags