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Data Fields
vid_mode Struct Reference

Video mode structure. More...

#include <dc/video.h>

Data Fields

int generic
 Generic mode type for vid_set_mode() More...
uint16 width
 Width of the display, in pixels. More...
uint16 height
 Height of the display, in pixels. More...
uint32 flags
 Combination of one or more VID_* flags. More...
int16 cable_type
 Allowed cable type. More...
uint16 pm
 Pixel mode. More...
uint16 scanlines
 Number of scanlines. More...
uint16 clocks
 Clocks per scanline. More...
uint16 bitmapx
 Bitmap window X position. More...
uint16 bitmapy
 Bitmap window Y position (automatically increased for PAL) More...
uint16 scanint1
 First scanline interrupt position. More...
uint16 scanint2
 Second scanline interrupt position (automatically doubled for VGA) More...
uint16 borderx1
 Border X starting position. More...
uint16 borderx2
 Border X stop position. More...
uint16 bordery1
 Border Y starting position. More...
uint16 bordery2
 Border Y stop position. More...
uint16 fb_curr
 Current framebuffer. More...
uint16 fb_count
 Number of framebuffers. More...
uint32 fb_base [VID_MAX_FB]
 Offset to framebuffers. More...

Detailed Description

Video mode structure.

KOS maintains a list of valid video modes internally that correspond to the specific display modes enumeration. Each of them is built of one of these.

Field Documentation

uint16 vid_mode::bitmapx

Bitmap window X position.

uint16 vid_mode::bitmapy

Bitmap window Y position (automatically increased for PAL)

uint16 vid_mode::borderx1

Border X starting position.

uint16 vid_mode::borderx2

Border X stop position.

uint16 vid_mode::bordery1

Border Y starting position.

uint16 vid_mode::bordery2

Border Y stop position.

int16 vid_mode::cable_type

Allowed cable type.

uint16 vid_mode::clocks

Clocks per scanline.

uint32 vid_mode::fb_base[VID_MAX_FB]

Offset to framebuffers.

uint16 vid_mode::fb_count

Number of framebuffers.

uint16 vid_mode::fb_curr

Current framebuffer.

uint32 vid_mode::flags

Combination of one or more VID_* flags.

int vid_mode::generic

Generic mode type for vid_set_mode()

uint16 vid_mode::height

Height of the display, in pixels.

uint16 vid_mode::pm

Pixel mode.

uint16 vid_mode::scanint1

First scanline interrupt position.

uint16 vid_mode::scanint2

Second scanline interrupt position (automatically doubled for VGA)

uint16 vid_mode::scanlines

Number of scanlines.

uint16 vid_mode::width

Width of the display, in pixels.

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